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Qualitative Omnibus

It is designed to provide a quick response to specific inquiries from clients who need to investigate consumers’ perceptions, listening to them directly and observing their reactions, expressions, and speech.

Qualitative Omnibus

The Qualitative Omnibus are multi-client group sessions.

They will be held monthly and clients will be able to include up to 5 questions that will be asked to consumers to be analyzed by our group of specialized psychologists.

The groups of the sessions will be made up of men and women over 18 years of age, from all the country’s socioeconomic strata and from all the generations that are present in the market.


Benefits of contracting


Substantial savings since the fixed costs of the sessions are shared.


You design your questions with the advice of Datanalisis specialists.


The results of your questions will be available approximately 20 days after the sessions start.


The results of the questions are only known by the client.

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To learn more about our "Qualitative Omnibus" service, please view or download the presentation below.

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