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Focus Group Sessions

Focus Group Sessions are the most widely used tool in qualitative market research studies.


Focus Group Sessions

They consist of an interactive discussion among a group of people with similar characteristics, which is conducted by a moderator who guides the discussion based on the proposed objectives, with a guide of the topics to be discussed previously reviewed and approved by the client.

The main advantage of this qualitative technique lies in the possibility of obtaining detailed information about the opinions, needs and behaviors of consumers about a particular product, brand or topic, contrasting ideas within a homogeneous population.

Other variants of traditional focus group sessions:

At the forefront of technology, Datanalisis also offers focus group sessions via streaming with participants from any part of the country or abroad.

Additionally, we have a variety of group techniques within qualitative studies such as peer group sessions and creative sessions.

We have equipped rooms in our facilities so that clients can watch “live qualitative evaluations” through a glass (Gesell Camera), as well as record such meetings on videotape.

✓ These conditions also facilitate the client’s interaction with the moderator and other members of the Datanalisis team.

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